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Headquarter Security Office 2. Sample copies of cmi reports can be found at the end ofthis Tab 6. Names, addresses, points of contact and telephone numbers are required. Extended periods of being placed on hold will not be tolerated. Ifthe operation neld value is U update or edit or D deletethe.

After installation, MCr will thoroughly test the system. In the unlikely event that these 5 personnel and the listed additional support ‘ are not sufficient to provide cover for any multiple repair event, MCr currently has, contracts with the State of New York and State of Connecticut. Remote monitoring and recording of selected inmate conversations shall be provided to the Headquarters Security and Professional Responsibility Offices.

MCI will establish a plan to ‘ensure that.

Submissions are made accordingly and the matters proceeded from time to time for hearing. The figure below is an example of a MaxPrm daily report showing attempted calls and completed calls by site. All maintenance services performed or provided will meet if not exceed all.

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A trainer can be located anywhere with connectivity via the WAN Network. A complete back up UPS power supply of a minimum of four 4 hours shall be provided at each SCI that shall automatically switch on upon any failure of the primary unit. The user may utilize 3-DES encryption for exported calls to provide the highest level of security. Installation and management of TIPS service that allows Inmates to call into a voice messaging server and leave messages TIPS with the inspector about crimes that have.


Section 2 Attachment 11 Payphone and Inmate Telephone Services. The full details of the call are displayed including but not limited to the person making the call, the trunk from which the call was sent to the called party on, the date and time in which it was made, and the phone station that it was made from.

Prison Phone Justice

Even call attempts are recorded, the call does not have to be accepted before it is recorded. Both MCl’s and VAC’s team of seasoned professionals will install and test the system and will provide training to appropriate facility personnel. The system compares the inmate-dialed number to a list of Commonwealth-provided ‘.

Section 2 Tab S – Maintenance Requirements i’l ,”: It is imperative that the existing levels of service only be minimally interrupted or diminished in each facility. Trmning Course Outline o. Call Blocks – Once per hour the Site Monitor will calculate the number of ‘ blocked.

If the trouble c. The two centers support nci MCl Corrections Customers and will provide a live operator available 24x7x Under the current contract, MCr provided and continues to provide services consisting of but not limited to: However, the Contractor shall not order or place in service any type of eqUipment or facility, which would result in charges ,ci the Commonwealth, without a written order from the Commonwealth.

Displays inmates who have called the same telephone. The learned Senior Counsel appearing for the Petitioner has submitted that the Petitioner could not have applied for the academic yearbecause of the pendency of the decision before MCI pursuant to the directions of this Court and Supreme Court mck the academic year and they were hopeful of being granted reliefs for academic year See Attachment 13 giving the content of information on the current expenses under the Commonwealth of 8102w Governor’s Office Management Directive Test and turn-up system – Group 2: The equipment proposed shall be designed for continuous recording operation, including silent periods, i.

Approximately fifty-two 52 DOC personnel would attend that training. The report can be obtained by entering the minimum number of inmates calling and the desired report period. The Contractor shall also include the number of years training experience the person s have who shall do the actual training and the number of sessions previously held by each in doing mxi on the proposed System B and System C. Upon request for this feature, MCl will work with DOC representatives and site personnel to implement the feature and provide.


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For the on-premise solution: Prime Contractor providing fully managed ITS services. Assessment of Liquidated Damages: MCl will limit any non-essential repairs to normal business hours and keep the DOC-SCI informed of and gain approvals for the performance any necessary out-of-hours and ‘ weekend repair services that may be required during the term of the agreement.

Software capable of maintaining an unlimited number of call records based on storage m,edia. With TicketManager Massachusetts DOC will have a complete trouble ticket history available at all times and Mer will provide a full listing of all troubles to Massachusetts Doe when requested. MClhas read understands and has complied with the following cleaning schedule.

Section 2 Site survey completed: CDR Browser ad hoc query feature will be provided. The contractor shall certify that all eqUipment, enclosures and software included shall be in good working order at test and acceptance, and that the contractor shall repair or replace malfunctioning equipment, enclosures and software and return them to good working order in accordance with the requirements of this RFP.

The Snitch Line allows an inmate to 8102x concerns or to report suspicious or criminal activities to correction officials via an anonymous message. Another benefit of placing the Site Monitor functions in Sacramento is that MCl’s DOC Account Team can leverage its internal on-site development resources and implement programming enhancements to’the system. Reference Attachment 3 for 812a. The project of installing a new inmate calling system throughout 810a DOC involves several critical paths.

Additional exporting capabi,lities exist that will afford the Commonwealth the opportunity to extract valuable investigative results into fonnats that can be easily. ,ci, and with consultation from the Department of-Corrections. All Officers, with the exception of the Camp Hill Officers, would be staying over one 1 nights lodging.